We believe that the emphasis of running a training barn should be quality not quantity. By keeping the training barn small it allows us to ride and school each horse personally rather than having an assistant/working student ride and it allows small personal detail oriented lessons without the stress of a crowded arena .

We have found that often it is beneficial for us to pre ride a clients horse to either demonstrate it jumping up or simply to have the kinks worked out prior to a lesson. This is a complimentary service and is welcomed! Also, by providing full service grooming we can allow our clients the flexibility to ride without the time restraints of grooming before and after riding. However, we welcome our clients to be as involved with grooming as they please!

We try to have a nice balance of going to an “A” show once a month while attending smaller shows with the young horses or less advanced clients or just good cheap practice to stay tuned.


Young Horse Training

We pride ourselves in being specialists at starting, developing and marketing quality young horses. Our method of training stems from the old fashioned American horsemanship. We believe that there is no such thing as a short cut and that gimmicks and fads are simply a waste. Janet has the ability to not only ride the toughest of bucks but also be very light and gentle with the young guys. This helps to produce horses that are confident, mannerly and happy to do their job. We are happy to correctly start young horses for other trainers and dressage horses “giving” them back once they are mannerly preforming a walk trot and canter. However, we do require a 90-day minimum for any young horse in training to ensure that they are given a correct start.



We believe that retired show horses deserve to remain part of a program. These horses have been accustomed to being groomed, handled, and loved their entire lives and should be taken care of during their older years. By having the “old guys” in their own stall each night we can ensure that they are eating what they need while retaining the security of having their own space. The daily grooming is not only for the horses enjoyment but also a way to carefully monitor their health and weight. This allows us to  immediately notice anything from cuts or colds to something more serious. In our care your senior will not only be part of the barn family, but they will also be turned out 7 days per week and allowed to graze in the grass field as the weather permits.